Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A weekend in words and pictures: SUNDAY

"I loved the work with Alice and her gentle, caring approach that honoured all the creative expressions
that were created in the visual arts workshop."

"I liked how everything connected to being in the flow, but then also acknowledged the shadow."

"Oh, and the FOOD!!!!!!" "Lovely treats! Caring, warm environment."

A weekend in words and pictures: SATURDAY

"Confirmed the way I've been thinking. It's nice to meet like-minded people,
have it reinforced and have other ways to think about it (creativity)."

"The experiential sessions with Babette, and the art sessions with Alice were particularly powerful.
Everything was truly moving and effective-drumming, voice, Bill's sessions..."

"Noting how the drums spoke together was most interesting."

"IGNITE gave me different and helpful perceptions on looking at myself and how I approach life and creative expressions."

"I really enjoyed the work with the balls. I found that it helped me to shift my perspective on relationships."
"I loved the work with the balls and while it became physically demanding, it felt SO good
to get back in touch with my 'child inside' and the sense of play."

"IGNITE explored creative side of me, and validated what I can offer to the world without 'failing' . "

"Fabric Art! I have never considered myself a visual artist, but this made me realize I am creative in many ways."

"There were several 'mystical' moments that challenged my comfort zone."


A weekend in words and pictures: FRIDAY

And now a few glimpses into the weekend, with accompanying feedback from participants. Enjoy!
Captions are not necessarily linked to the people in the photos.
"IGNITE gave me inspiration to be more present, to move differently, to sing more,
to be more brave, to face my fears without fear."
"It has helped me open channels, feel connected to the creativity of others-it elevated and
nurtured and reaffirmed my simple impulses toward creating and being."

"Been living on the edge so this just helped it make sense...that this is where to live...."
"Allowed me to get back in touch with my power and leadership around creativity."

"I was most grateful for the BODY CENTRED, EXPERIENTIAL, GROUNDED focus of the weekend."

"The weekend provided ample time to walk away from regular life deadlines and 'rushing' time,
to reflect on what is really important."

"Wonderful mix of participants who are now part of my network of creativity contacts."

"Subtle wisdom was imparted and woven through us."

"I felt I learned lots in terms of my own self and I also learned to appreciate and value the gifts of others. Your selection of presenters were very well chosen and the threads (intentionally or not) were lyrical.  I am all about the energy-big, small, loud,  intuitive, introverted, extroverted, obvious.... For me it was a rewarding meta-cognitive journey."

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some Recollections

Happy New Year! 

Greetings to all IGNITE participants and interested others!
Its been three months since we had that wonderful weekend in Ottawa, exploring our connections to the arts, ourselves and to each other. 
We wanted to share a little of that magic with you to spark a memory or two of personal changes, thoughts and intentions you may have had while we were together. 

To start you off, here are photos of the graphic recording done at the opening conversation, keynote evening, and closing session of the weekend (double click on them to enlarge). Facilitated and drawn by Jennifer Shepherd of Living Tapestries

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A BIG Thank you!

Hey we did it!  
What a fantastic and enriching weekend! Kathy Armstrong and Jennifer Moir 
are sending out big thanks to the following:

To the IGNITE Steering Committee
Wendy Hartley
Jackie Hawley
Bill Shields
We couldn’t have done it without you!

And special thanks to the following for their generosity:
  • CUBE Gallery
  • Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre
  • St Brigid’s Centre for the Arts
  • La Bottega
  • CKCU
  • MASC
  • Baobab Tree
  • Lois McGrath
  • Shelley Page
  • Jane Cutler
  • Marie Anderson
  • Jenni Tipper
  • Rory Magill
  • Iris Magill
  • Arlene Armstrong
  • Hayley de Bie
  • Janet Loo
  • Sylvie Plante
  • Bill Perison
  • Jennifer Shepherd
  • Shields Family
  • Hartley Family
  • Natalie Shorkey and her grade 4-5 class at Churchill Alternative School

Monday, October 10, 2011

IGNITE Update!

The fantastic IGNITE weekend is fast approaching, including the keynote session Saturday October 15th, 7-9:30 pm with Margaret Wheatley and Jerry Graneli. Read about Jerry's local concert and his work with us, in the Ottawa Citizen (note that the original story lists the keynote as Friday the 14th but it is actually  the 15th).

Registration update:
There are a few spots left in the full weekend retreat, please call us  at (613)791-6994. The Saturday night  keynote is open to a wider audience and is at St Brigid's Centre for the Arts 310 St Patrick. St in the Byward Market. Tickets will be available at the door $50 (cash or cheque only). Doors open at 6:30pm for a 7pm start.

For more information please click on the above tabs.

See you soon!

Monday, October 3, 2011

IGNITE Update!

With less than two weeks before the conference, we are happy to report that IGNITE is poised to be an engaging, thought-provoking, stimulating weekend for all involved! We’re delighted that so many have made the choice to invest in themselves at this creativity retreat!There are still spots available in both the retreat style weekend and the keynote alone. Please click on the above tabs for registration, accommodation, schedule and workshop descriptions.

We are excited to announce that the opening Friday evening session will take place in the Fritzi Gallery, upstairs at the Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre , located at 1233 Wellington St. West,  at the corner of Holland Ave. at the heart of Ottawa’s newest arts district. It is within walking distance of an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants.
The rest of the weekend, as planned, will take place at St Brigid’s Centre for the Arts at 302 St Patrick St. (entrance on Cumberland) an inspiring limestone heritage building from 1890. St Brigid’s is in the Byward market, another one of Ottawa’s great neighbourhoods for food and entertainment.